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‘Sacred Defense’ museums to open to public by yearend

TEHRAN – Three museums featuring elements and properties involving the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, which is called ‘Sacred Defense’ in the Islamic Republic, will open to the public by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2022). “Currently, 24 museums devoted to the Sacred Defense are operational across the country, and this number […]

Neglected craft of weaving kilim to be revived in southern Iran

TEHRAN –  The art of weaving kilims, which had been fallen into oblivion, is planned to be revived in the village of Shabjareh in the southern province of Kerman, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced. A budget of two billion rials ($47,600 at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) is required […]

Qom province offers specialized tours for administrators, researchers

TEHRAN – Qom province, which embraces various religious, historical, cultural, and natural sites, has arranged a series of specialized tours for administrators, students, and researchers. “Specific tours and workshops have been organized for administrators, students, and experts in history and sociology,” the deputy provincial tourism chief, Ammar Kavousi, said on Saturday. Today, the first guided […]

Discover Iron Age burial in Gilan: bizarre patterns and rituals

TEHRAN – As mentioned previously, the Iron Age in Iran and Gilan is divided into three sections: Iron Age I, II, and III. Furthermore, some archaeologists believe the existence of Iron Age IV, which continues until the middle of the Parthian (Ashkanian) period (end of 1st Millennium BC). According to a scientific article conducted by […]

Tourist facilities, traditional restaurants to put into service in Qom 

TEHRAN – A total of four tourism-related projects are scheduled to be inaugurated in Iran’s central Qom province on the occasion of the Government Week (August 24-30), the provincial tourism chief has said. A guest house, a tourist complex, and two vast traditional restaurants will come on stream across the province, Alireza Arjmandi announced on […]

Tabriz: a perfect introduction to Iran

TEHRAN – Tabriz is a big but relaxed city, filled with hospitable people and a UNESCO-listed bazaar to explore. It is the perfect introduction to Iran for sightseers crossing over the border from Armenia, or through the Gurbulak Bazargan border from Turkey. Downtown Tabriz is very walkable and the people are also extremely friendly, something […]

Historical manuscripts, documents up for restoration in western Iran

TEHRAN – A number of historical manuscripts, books, and documents are being rehabilitated in Borujerd, western Lorestan province, the provincial tourism chief has said. “Documents and books of historical significance are in the process of being restored in the first phase,” Seyyed Amin Qasemi announced on Tuesday. The documents are being restored by an experienced […]

Iranian bookstores offer “Body as a Cinematic Thing”

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of American scholar Lesley Stern’s book “Dead and Alive: The Body as a Cinematic Thing” has been published in Tehran. The book translated by Saleh Najafi has been released by the Lega publishing house. In the cinema, many were living and many kept on living and many became dead, as […]

House of handicrafts to open in ancient Bam

TEHRAN – A house of handicrafts is set to be inaugurated in the ancient city of Bam, which is famed for its magnificent UNESCO-registered adobe citadel. “A house of handicrafts will be inaugurated in Bam to help develop and promote various fields of handicrafts and to train new crafters,” Kerman province’s deputy tourism chief said […]

Iranian handicrafts: crystal carving  

TEHRAN – Crystals have long been created in Iran to captivate human attention with their enigmatic mysterious beauty. Carving crystals is one of the most original and common methods of decorating crystal works tracing back to the Achaemenid era (c. 550 – 330 BC). Sassanid artists were also very skillful to do so. Experts say […]

Moveable properties in Khuzestan added to national heritage list

TEHRAN –A selection of 12 moveable properties in Khuzestan province has recently been inscribed on the national heritage list. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts announced the inscriptions on Sunday in a letter to the governor-general of the southwestern province, CHTN reported. Inscriptions, petroglyphs, statues, traditional costumes, and stone seals were among the […]

“The Angel Maker” comes to Persian bookstores

TEHRAN – “The Angel Maker”, a bestseller by the Belgian novelist Stefan Brijs who writes in Dutch, has been published in Persian. The literary page-turner about one man’s macabre ambition to create life and secure immortality has been translated by Samgis Zandi and An Amut is the publisher of the book. The village of Wolfheim […]

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