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Technology » Iran to become one of exporters of space services in region

Speaking on the sidelines of his presence in the meeting of Parliament Industries and Mines Commission on Monday, Issa Zare’pour reiterated that Iran will be turned into one of the main exporters of space services both in region and Islamic countries.

The ICT minister called implementation of different phases of the national information network as one of the main programs of his ministry and stated, “With the planning made in this regard, it was decided to implement about 70% of the national information network in the current year in 1401 (started March 21, 2022).”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zare’pour referred to the planning adopted in ICT in the field of digital economy and noted, “We are trying to add one percentage point to the share of digital economy in the total gross domestic product (GDP) in the current year.”

“We have several satellites at hand for launching into the orbit. Islamic Republic of Iran should soon become one of the exporters of space services to the region and Islamic countries, because we are one of the top 10 countries that can build homegrown satellites. These satellites are also launched with a domestically-produced launcher,” ICT minister emphasized.


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