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The temporary Friday Prayer leader of Tehran Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi said during today’s Friday Prayers sermon in the Iranian capital that, “as regards the Vienna talks, the Leader stresses distrust in the other side [the West] and securing guarantees and verifications on the removal of sanctions.”

Sedighi pointed to the recent letter from the lawmakers in the Iranian parliament to President Ebrahim Raieis calling on the government to secure concrete guarantees from the United States in the wake of the possible agreement in Vienna talks and said that the MPs demand is exactly what people want.

Nuclear energy is one of the necessities in today’s world as it has many uses in the medical field, so possessing the industry is within our religious and legitimate right, the senior cleric further said.

He further hailed Raiesi’s government for not linking solving the people’s problems to the results of the Vienna talks, saying that “The government is focusing on the complete and full lifting of sanctions and the neutralization of sanctions.”


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