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International » IAEA report reflects progress in remaining safeguards issues

Mohammad Reza Ghaebi made the remarks in a meeting of IAEA’s Board of Governors entitled “Implementation of Safeguards in Islamic Republic of Iran” duing which he said that IAEA Director-General’s report reflects the progress made in investigating ‘safeguards’ issues that has previously been reported to the Board of Governors and this progress is the result of constructive and mutual cooperation between Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Emphasizing that Iran, as a responsible member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), is committed to and will continue to fulfill its obligations under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA), Ghaebi underscored.

He went on to say that the joint statement between Iran and IAEA on March 5, 2022 shows Iran’s respect for IAEA’s procedures, bylaws, and professional work as well as Iran’s serious determination to cooperate with the IAEA.

Ghaebi also called for the opening of a new chapter in cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA.

Stating that IAEA must strictly observe its professionalism, impartiality and independence in this direction, Ghaebi stated, “As soon as the negotiations for resumption of full implementation of JCPOA produce positive results, Iran and IAEA must be prepared for extensive cooperation and such a situation emphasizes the need for urgent action to end the remaining safeguards issues and pave the way for the re-implementation of JCPOA.”

“We expect that after the report of Director-General of IAEA, members of the Board of Governors will take appropriate measures to support the end of these issues on the agenda of the Board of Governors,” he added.


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