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In a tweet on Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian referred to the lack of interest in American politicians and wrote, “On the issue of removing anti-Iranian sanctions, Iran’s interests must fully be realized and a tangible change needs to take place on the ground in this regard.”

History, experience and behavior of the United States have shown that American politicians and rulers cannot be trusted at all, he added.

“For us, criterion for any judgment will be to observe the practical behavior of the United States.”

The eighth round of Vienna talks on the removal of anti-Iranian sanctions is underway in Austrian capital of Vienna with the participation of Iranian delegations and P4 + 1 group of countries including UK, France, Russia, China and Germany.

The US delegation is also in Vienna and but it is  not directly talking to Iranian negotiating team.

As Iranian officials have stated, the points requested by Iran and the United States will be transferred through Non-Paper.

In the closing ceremony of the “National Conference on Iran and Neighbors”, held on Monday, Amir-Abdollahian said that American side has presented its proposals on technical issues to Iran in the form of Non-Paper.

The American side sends messages in various ways, calling for a level of direct negotiations with Iran, he said, adding, “Our negotiations are with P4 + 1, and indirect negotiations with the United States are made through Non-Paper and also through Deputy EU Foreign Policy Chief Enrique Mora and one or two JCPOA member states in Vienna talks.

The rumors that are sometimes spread on some virtual channels that Iranians are negotiating directly with the United States are not true at all, but at the same time, if “we reach a stage in the negotiation process where reaching a good agreement with a high guarantee looms, we will not ignore to have a dialogue with the United States,” the Iranian foreign minster also said.


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