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International » ISIL, SDF militias engage in clashes at prison inHasaka

The media have reported that the ISIL terrorists tried to free their own fellow terrorists from prison in Hasaka city in the northeast of Syria.

The Kurdish sources claim that the SDF fighters could repel ISIL attack while the attacks by the ISIL are continuing for the third day in a row on Saturday.

The US-allied SDF claims that they hold as many as 5,000 ISIL terrorists inside the prison while they have recaptured 100 of the fleeing ISIL terrorists.

According to the latest reports, the SDF has sent reinforcement to the area with the aerial backing of the US fighter jets.

The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV has reported that intense clashes between SDF and ISIL around Al-Sanaa or Ghwaryan prison in the south of Hasakah are continuing for the third consecutive day. Al-Mayadeen correspondent has said that ISIL elements have taken the control of over most of the prison cells and are trying to find a way to escape from the prison.

About 130 ISIL elements have surrendered to US-backed militants after failing to escape from prison, and about 40 others were killed, the Lebanese TV said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said in a report that as many as 28 Kurdish forces, 45 ISIL terrorists and 5 civilians have been killed in the clashes so far.


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