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International » Three other US convoys come under attack in Iraqtoday

Following the successive attacks on US military logistics convoys in Iraq, three other US logistics convoys have been targeted on Sunday afternoon.

According to the reports, a US military logistics convoy was targeted in Diwaniya and another convoy has been attacked in Babil province.

This is while the reports indicate that a logistics convoy also came under attack in the Nebai area of ​​Baghdad.

Earlier on Sunday morning, media sources reported attacks on three US military logistics convoys in Samawah city in Al Muthanna province, Dhi Qar province and Yusufiya city in the Baghdad province.

The news come as several roadside bombs exploded in the path of the US military logistics convoys in Al-Diwaniyah and Al-Anbar provinces.

Meanwhile, in recent months, convoys carrying logistics equipment for US troops stationed at various military bases in Iraq have been repeatedly targeted by roadside bombs.

Many Iraqi groups consider the US forces present in the country as occupiers and emphasize the immediate withdrawal of these forces from their territory.


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