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International » Saudi coalition seize Yemeni oil tanker ship

According to Almasirah on Wednesday, the Yemeni Oil and Gas Corporation (affiliated with the Sanaa government) said that the “SPLENDOUR SAPPHIRE” oil tanker was belonged to the private sector and taken to the shores of the Jazan region in Saudi Arabia after being seized.

The YOGC also said that the Saudi coalition has seized five tankers and prevented them from docking off the coast of Yemen so far. The seized tankers have been inspected and got permission from the United Nations before entering Yemeni waters.

The tankers’ cargo is necessary for the survival of millions of people. Hospitals and medical centers in Yemen need this fuel to generate electricity. Trucks also need them to transport food.

The seizure of the oil tanker comes as the Yemeni forces said Monday they had seized a UAE-flagged vessel in the Red Sea carrying “military supplies” after the Saudi-led coalition accused them of seizure of a normal ship.

A comprehensive naval, air and land blockade of Yemen has been on the Saudi coalition’s agenda since the beginning of the Saudi military aggression.

Millions of people are now living in extreme food poverty due to the severe blockade, and many hospitals and medical centers are struggling to find the fuel they need to keep their electric motors running.


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