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International » Russia’s air defense ‘trump card against NATO, USattacks’

Washington and NATO will face a major catastrophe if they attack Russia using “F-35” fighter jets thanks to Russia’s S-300 PM2 air defense systems installed in Crimea.

Referring to the recent escalation of tensions between the West especially the United States against Russia under the pretext of defending Ukraine, China’s Soho website reported that Russia’s air advanced and sophisticated defense systems have been equipped with a multi-role radar station and a system to detect and intercept covert targets.

It is reported that Russia’s S300 PM2 air defense systems are capable of detecting and attacking fifth-generation stealth fighter jets from a distance of 200 to 250 kilometers.

When “F-35” fighter jets violate Russian airspace, Russian advanced air defense systems will shoot them down.

Recently, there have been allegations in the West and also in Kiev, of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine but Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has described such information as absurd and an unfounded escalation of tensions.

A Kremlin spokesman stressed that Russia posed no threat to anyone and warned that any attempt to resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine by force would have the most serious consequences, the report added.


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