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Technology » “Simorgh” satellite carrier successfully launched intospace

After the country achieved indigenous space capability and also ability to launch small-scale satellites with “Safir” and “Ghasedak” satellite carriers, the development of satellite launchers with higher capabilities was taken into serious consideration, he said.

In this regard, the design and development of Imam Khomeini Space Base and “Simorgh” satellite carrier was put atop agenda of Iranian space industry, the spokesman added.

Regarding the function of “Simorgh” satellite carrier, he added, “In this launch, performance and function of the space base components and also performance of satellite-launching stages were done correctly and finally the intended research goals of this launch were fully achieved.”

In this research mission, for the first time, three research cargoes were launched simultaneously at an altitude of 470 km and a speed of 7350 m/second, Hosseini added.

The telemetry data from the launch process was completely obtained, he said, adding that by matching the data and functions, necessary planning will be carried out for the operational launch of the satellite.


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