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The head of the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks, Konstantin Gavrilov, stated on Tuesday that an agreement on the security guarantee proposals made by Moscow is possible, as Russia and the US have already launched contacts, referring to the contact between Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

He stressed that Russia won’t allow the deployment of NATO infrastructure in Ukraine and Georgia.

Gavrilov once again noted that Russia needs an urgent reaction from the bloc on its proposals.

“I think they do not think that we are bluffing, but they will undoubtedly and quite possibly try to talk round this issue. But time is running out. We are waiting for concrete, real steps to allay Russian concerns. The time has come”.

He also said it is too early to talk about Russia’s actions if the alliance refuses, but noted that the possible response “will be military-technical if there are no other arguments left”.

“What to do and when to do it, this [decision] will be made by the country’s leadership based on an analysis of all those answers and statements, and the actions of our so-called partners”, Gavrilov said.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry published on its website two draft agreements on security guarantees between Russia, the US, and NATO that were handed over to American officials in a meeting in Moscow on 15 December.

The proposals include considerable restrictions on troop, ship, and aircraft deployments for both NATO and Russia, as well limits to the deployment of intermediate and short-range missiles abroad and in areas where they can hit targets belonging to the other side.

They also stipulated that the bloc won’t expand eastward and won’t create military bases in post-Soviet countries.


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