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Politic » U.S. seeks sectarian war in the region: IRGC general

TEHRAN — Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force, said on Sunday that the United States seeks to begin a sectarian war in the region.

Hajizadeh made the remarks in the presence of commanders, administrators, professors and students of Imam Hussein University (AS).

The brigadier general also described West Asia as the heart of the world, saying, “There are many wealth and reserves, as well as prominent scientific elites in this region, and therefore greedy enemies want to dominate the region.”

Stating that in the past the Americans sought slavery, Hajizadeh said today slavery and their war have been modernized and allow people to move in the direction of tracking down their colonial goals and aspirations.

He remarked, “This war has been waged in the form of a sectarian war from within West Asia and parts of Africa. They are waging war at the expense of some countries in the region.”

The IRGC general continued by saying that the Westerners have come to the conclusion that they cannot make any mistakes militarily and in the security sphere.

“Their methods of strikes are different from the past,” he remarked.
According to Hajizadeh, they seek to instill the idea that a religious establishment cannot meet the needs of the people and run the country.

Therefore, they seek to divide the Iranian society and disappoint and attract the elites to implement their plans.

He further emphasized that Iran with its huge infrastructure can become the richest country in the world with proper planning.

“According to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, by providing shortcuts, we can prove to everyone that religious and revolutionary management not only meets the needs of the people, but can also serve as a good example for other countries. It’s as if our progress in some areas, such as missiles and drones, owes much to this approach,” he further noted.

The commander said goal-oriented strategies can serve as “solutions to the country’s problems,” adding, “We have mastered good technologies and student organizations should each pursue an issue and provide appropriate intellectual assistance to the country’s officials.”


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