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TEHRAN – Matt Stutzman is one of the most well-known faces in Para archery. Matt is in Tokyo at the moment to show us how strong he is. The “Armless Archer” is famous for his unique shooting style with his feet.

Stutzman holds the bow with his foot as he competes in the individual compound-open, during the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

He has his sights set on Tokyo glory. The American archer won a silver medal in the Rio 2016.

I wanted to have an interview with him in the Rio 2016 but I missed the session but this time I did it.

Stutzman is a role model for all people with disability. He can go a long way to inspiring people.

“Yes I do. And I am happy I could be role model for the people with disability.”

“To be a part of the Paralympic Games is an honor. I’m here to tell my story in a positive way,” he said.

Matt can be inspirational for everybody.

Armless archer Stutzman happy to be inspirational

He won silver in the men’s individual compound at London 2012 but lost in the round of 16 at Rio 2016. He decided to take a break from the sport before returning with high hopes. Stutzman has taken part in multiple able-bodied competitions since Rio 2016 to improve his skills and took bronze at the 2019 Worlds after losing 144-142 in a close semifinal against teammate Ben Thompson.

“I hope the world sees what we can do, and that motivates them to be better as well,” he said.

Before starting archery he had big problems since no one would hire him. The sport changed his life.

“I learned archery by watching youtube,” Stutzman said.

Stutzman can be a role model for all people who think there is limitation to move forward.

“There is no excuse for moving forward. I do everything with my feet,” the “Armless Archer” said.

Photo: Fatemeh Hashemi

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