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History » Museum of traditional clothing, textiles opens in Birjand

TEHRAN – On Sunday, a museum of traditional clothing and textiles, which is the first of its kind in the country, was opened in the eastern city of Birjand, the capital of South Khorasan province.

Embedded within the Qajar-era (1789-1925) Pardeli Mansion, the museum aims at reviving local clothing and some patterns, which are on the verge of oblivion, IRNA reported.

A vast exhibition hall, a traditional textile weaving workshop, photography studio, and tailoring house are some of the parts of this museum, in which all kinds of handmade textiles such as silk, satin, and canvas are on display.

Due to its position, South Khorasan province is home to different ethnic groups with their own traditional costumes, however, nowadays using the traditional clothes in this province is restricted to some villages.

Birjand is known for weaving a particular type of socks known as Seven-color socks. As far as local clothing goes, the village of Chenesht is famous in the province.

South Khorasan is home to many historical and natural attractions such as Birjand Castle, Dragon Cave, Furg Citadel, and Polond Desert. It is also known for its famous rugs as well as its saffron and barberry which are produced in almost all parts of the province.


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