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TEHRAN – Abaa is a kind of loose-fitting and long robe worn over clothing. Such an outfit has been produced across Bushehr province and for centuries.

In the past, Abaas were made from camel hair so that water did not pass through them, and were in black. The Abaas is considered to be made in southern parts of Iran including Bushehr from about five hundred years ago.

There are some regions where the Abaas are made from felt fabric in colors such as brown or cream. These fabrics are made from wool or cotton and by textile machinery, where after being produced, they undergo final changes and then are cut to be sewed into Abaas.

According to Visit Iran, like many other textiles, there are many narrations about wearing Abaa in different historical eras. One example is that common people did not wear them in the Ilkhanate dynasty. During that time, the Abaas were made so long that the train of clothing touched the floor.

Having pseudo-sleeves, such ropes do not cover in front and they have been used by the clerics from a long time ago.


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