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TEHRAN – A number of Iranian actors have expressed their sympathy with Palestinians in the recent war on Gaza, denouncing Israeli oppression against the women and children in the region.

Among the actors is Navid Mohammadzadeh, winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Actor for his role in Jalilvand brothers’ acclaimed drama “No Date, No Signature” at the 74th Venice Film Festival in Italy.

On his Instagram, he published a video showing a Palestinian girl stands among the rubble of a building destroyed by Israeli bombers and is talking about the cruelties of war.

The video has also been posted by Payman Maadi, a star of the Oscar-winning drama “A Separation”.

Hanieh Tavassoli, a star of the acclaimed movies “No Sound” and “Cyanide”, and Fereshteh Hosseini, star of the award-winning dramas “Rona, Azim’s Mother” and “Parting”, have also posted the video on their Instagram.

Habib Rezai, a star of the acclaimed drama “The Glass Agency”, also published a post on his Instagram, sharing a photo of a Palestinian girl holding a doll with a Palestinian flag in the rubble of their home, which was destroyed by Israeli bombs.

He also wrote, “The world’s dolls would be left orphans if the little girls could not survive.”

Parviz Parastui, who co-starred with Rezai in “The Glass Agency”, has also sympathized with the Palestinian people in an Instagram post showing a video of a little Palestinian boy shocked by Israeli air attacks.

“A Gazan child shocked by horrible bombings with a big question on his mind of how can his soul injured by these dreadful shocks be healed in the future,” he also wrote.

On her Instagram, Naeimeh Nezamdoost, a star in a popular Iranian TV series, has also reacted to the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

“Should the children witness such crimes,” she wrote and added, “Do the powers want their children to live in such a condition? No matter where we live; wherever we live, this crime must be denounced. For what sin are the helpless killed as the powers want to fight each other,” she wrote.

The recent escalation of Israeli aggression against Palestine has also attracted the attention of many celebrities across the globe.

Mark Ruffalo, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and many other public figures have expressed their solidarity with Palestinians.

“Over 30 children killed. Mothers dead. Hundreds injured. We are on the brink of a full-scale war. Sanctions on South Africa helped free its Black people – it’s time for sanctions on Israel to free Palestinians. Join the call,” wrote Ruffalo, famous for various Hollywood roles, including the Hulk.

Bella and Gigi Hadid, two U.S. models whose father is Palestinian, also offered their support for Palestinians in their Instagram messages.

Bella wrote: “Future generations will look back in disbelief and wonder how we allowed the Palestinian suffering to continue for so long. A human tragedy is unfolding right in front of our eyes.”

Photo: A child attends a protest by Palestinians and pro-Palestinian supporters against Israeli attacks on Gaza amid Israeli-Palestinian fighting, in Santiago, Chile. (Reuters/Ivan Alvarado)


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