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Art » “Benjamin” crowned best at Tanzanian animation festival 

TEHRAN – Iranian movie “Benjamin” has won the award for best feature at the Kwetu International Animation Film Festival in Tanzania.

Directed by Mohsen Enayati, the film is about Benjamin, who played a role in the lives of the Israelite people in ancient Egypt. Benjamin is the story of a boy who has to go on a dangerous journey to save his mother’s life from Pharaoh’s soldiers. On this journey, things happen to him that change his view of society and his life.

The film also received the award for best character.

In addition, “This Side, Other Side”, a short animated movie by Iranian director Lida Fazli, won the special jury mention.

The animation recounts that no boundary can prevent the formation of friends and affection between children.

The Iranian short films “Flight 655” by Hamid Jamali and Saeid Mayahi, “Gowbangi” by Mehdi Sediq and Ali Fotuhi, “Happy Banana” by Reyhaneh Kavosh and Ali Rais, “The Train” by Javad Maturi and “Thunder” by Mohammad Kheirandish were also screened at the Kwetu International Animation Film Festival, which took place on April 2 and 3, however, they failed to garner an award.

The award for best short went to “Beyond the Trees” by French director Pierre Burgoni, while the audience award was given to “208” by Kenyan director Stanslaus Manthi.

Photo: Iranian movie “Benjamin” by Mohsen Enayati.


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