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History » Ancient sites discovered on southern Alborz range 

TEHRAN – Two ancient sites have recently been discovered near the famous Karaj-Chalus Road on the southern side of the Alborz mountain range.

“Two historical sites have been identified as the result of surveys and field visits being conducted across Bileqan area of Alborz province, which is situated near Karaj-Chalous road,” IRNA quoted a provincial tourism official as saying on Monday.

An initial estimate suggests the sites, which contain the ruins of forts and watchtowers, were utilized for defensive/military purposes, the official said.

“Considering the geographical location of the two ancient sites, it seems that their (original) usage was to provide security and surveillance of this passage.”

Karaj-Chalous road was in fact the most important route and connection of the southern slopes of Alborz to the northern regions of the country, which has been of great importance from the perspective of political geography in the ancient past, the official explained.  As a piece of history, Chalus Road, also less well known as Road 59, was constructed during the Qajar era by the local people with very primitive hand tools.

The 160 km road crossing and crawling up the Alborz Mountains offers beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and springs. Each season presents its own special beauty along the road.

The mesmerizing view changes as you travel on Chalus; from trees lining up on both sides of the pavement to getting engulfed and surrounded by the Alborz, and sometimes have dramatic views of the Karaj River, which runs along part of the road.

The road between Tehran and the Caspian Sea has become a destination in itself for many Tehranis who take it just to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or for a relaxing day out with family and friends.


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