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Art » Swedish “Cineasterna” releases Iranian movie “Searing Summer” 

TEHRAN – “Searing Summer”, an internationally awarded Iranian movie, was released by the Swedish ‘Cineasterna’ online streaming service.

Directed by Ebrahim Irajzad as his debut film, starring actress Parinaz Izadyar, the movie explores the struggles of women in the new era and the problems surrounding the segregation of social classes in modern society.

Written by Payam Karami in 2017, the movie has already participated in other festivals including Stockholm, Beijing, and most notably the festival in Dhaka, where Izadyar along with Mina Sadati jointly received the best actress award in the City’s 16th International Film Festival.

Cineasterna, which is the main database of the country’s movie libraries, currently streams over 3,000 movies from 82 countries and 52 different languages and has added ‘Searing Summer’ as a new release which is available to stream and watch online.

The ‘Crystal Simorgh’ nominated movie features the main character Izadyar as Nasrin who is unable to win her daughter from her husband and follows with a series of problems as she struggles with social flaws, featuring other actors, Yasna Mirtahmasb, Mania Alijani, and Saber Abar.

‘Dream Lab Films’ managed by Nasrin Mirshab is the exclusive international distributor of this 2017 movie.

With the Iranian culture and lifestyle gaining more interest across the world, many Iranian productions ranging from movies and documentaries to animated films and movies, are met with increasing demand from international broadcasters and online streaming services.

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